Jeanine Kinzie

  • Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent
  • Federally Facilitated Marketplace Enroller: JKINZIE49316@616
  • SHOP Marketplace Enroller (Group Insurance for
  • National Producer Number 8049289
  • Certified Disney Manager
  • Educated in Long Term Care
  • Member of Penn Mutual's Worth For Women
  • Member of LIFE

Vice President since 2003

Jeanine attended Calvin College then graduated from Purdue University with Honors. She was a restaurant manager at Disney, then met Dennis in Chicago where they hit it off and were married the following year. Jeanine enjoys handling the challenges presented and finds solutions to nearly every one. Her primary responsibilities are employee benefits, life insurance, and income planning for retirement. Jeanine enjoys getting to know clients and their priorities so they can be accommodated in the plan. Cutting edge solutions are something Jeanine enjoys learning about and implementing.

Jeanine is involved in 2 Chamber of Commerce, local food pantry, and her church. After work, Jeanine tends her garden, plans family dinners, shops & tries to make time to exercise. More likely, she’s sipping a fun drink and relaxing with family and friends!

Favorite Movie – Bedtime Stories
Favorite Meal to Make - Lasagna
Favorite Drink – Chai Tea
Favorite Song - Lucky
Favorite Band – KD Lang
Favorite Place to Travel - Europe